The Best Home Warranty Company in 2018

If you’re looking for the best home warranty company for 2018, then you will need to look no further because Choice Home Warranty is it. Their plans offer comprehensive protection against the high cost of repair or replacement of properly maintained major systems and appliances. A policy holder calls our claims center and pays a modest service call fee per claim when a problem or repair need arises.

Choice Home Warranty strives to always offer their customers quick and easy solutions, along with excellent service techs. Customers are looking for value for their money, and I believe they provide outstanding customer satisfaction and protection against the increasingly high costs of home and appliance repairs.

When you decide to purchase a Choice Home Warranty, you will work with a knowledgeable, dedicated team that will service your covered home repair needs very quickly and efficiently. As is the case with many home warranty companies, your claim will be assigned to a clerk in a large department, rather than having a personable, dedicated team processing your service request. Choice Home Warranty gives you a dedicated team of two or three representatives, who will always be very involved in your claim and available to help you with any questions that your may have.

Click here for more information about the program and why you need to get a home warranty if you are a home owner.

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